TOTO Neorest AH Dual Flush Toilet and Bidet


• Seat Height: 17.5/16 Inches
• ADA Compliant: Yes
• Flush Mode: Manual or hands-free
• Warranty: 3-year warranty
• Heated Seat: Yes

Package Includes
• 1x toilet bowl unit
• 1x bidet top unit
• 1x user manual


This easy-to-use toilet comes with the front, rear, and soft wash modes to make it comfortable to use. It also comes with an option to change the water temperature to room temperature and warmer for the colder winter months.
You have a 1-gallon or 0.8-gallon capacity flush option. The position of the nozzle, as well as the water pressure, can be adjusted to provide you with the optimal flushing option.

This toilet and bidet combination is quite a versatile unit to have and can be quickly and easily installed.

Weight36.2 lbs
Dimensions40.6 × 54.6 × 75 in
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