TOTO 700H Dual Flush Toilet And Washlet



  • Seat Height: 17.5/16 inches
  • ADA Compliant: Yes
  • Flush Mode: Manual or autoflush
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty
  • Heated Seat: Yes

Package Includes

  • 1x toilet bowl unit
  • 1x washlet top unit
  • 1x user’s manual

You do not need to sit on a cold toilet on cold winter mornings with this toilet’s heated seat. Also included is an air dryer to eliminate the use of toilet tissue to dry yourself properly.

You also have a wide selection of washing options to quickly and easily clean yourself after using the toilet. Included are the front, rear, wide-wash, and aerated washing options.

A great feature is the automated air purification system to provide you with all-day freshness.

Weight56 lbs
Dimensions47.8 × 84.5 × 63.18 in
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