The Toto Contemporary S550e Bidet Seat


• Flush Mode: Auto flush enabled
• Warranty: 1-year warranty
• Heated Seat: Yes

Package Includes
• 1x seat unit
• 1x remote control and wall mount
• 1x user manual
• 1x mounting kit


It comes with a concealed installation method for safety and improved display of your seat and toilet. There is a dual-action spray option for your convenience and better cleaning after using the toilet.

You have warm water in the washer, so you can be comfortable using it on cold winter mornings. It also provides you with an instant and continuous warm water supply option for energy-saving and better comfort.

With an automatic air deodorizer, you will have fresh and clean air in the room after using it.

Weight7.4 lbs
Dimensions60.3 × 43.1 × 24.1 in
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