Cascade Bidet Seat 3000



  • Seat Size: 18.4″ (W) x 21.16″ (L) x 6.10″ (H)
  • Power cord length: 4 feet
  • Flush Mode: Manual flush
  • Warranty: 4-Year warranty
  • Heated Seat: Yes

Package Includes

  • 1x seat unit
  • 1x mounting kit
  • 1x user’s manual
  • 1x remote control

This seat has a maximum load capacity of up to 330 pounds, so it can easily hold larger people. Cleaning this unit is quite easy with the easy-catch plate, and quick-release feature.

When this bidet toilet seat is not in use, it will automatically go into an energy-saving mode to save electricity. The bidet seat warmer will only be activated when someone is sitting on it, helping to conserve energy.

A built-in deodorizer will automatically keep the air fresh. It also comes with a child mode for younger and lighter users.

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