Bio Bidet Bliss Bidet Seat


• Flush Mode: Manual flush
• Warranty: 3-year full warranty
• Heated Seat: Yes

Package Includes
• 1x seat unit
• 1x mounting kit
• 1x user’s manual
• 1x remote control


With this bidet seat, you get a front and rear wash mode for an enhanced function. The water from the washer can also be adjusted to a wide variety of temperatures to give you water at the perfect temperature for you.
The nozzle pressure can be adjusted to provide you with a stronger or weaker stream of water. Nozzle oscillation option provides wider coverage

This provides more washing options to fit your needs and provides ample reach for proper cleaning.
The water will also instantly heat to the desired temperature for your convenience.

Weight4.8 lbs
Dimensions39.2 × 53.1 × 15.2 in
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