Secura Automatic Trash Can Review

Secura Automatic Trash Can

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Some people keep their kitchens so clean you could eat off the floor.

Although that may be a slight exaggeration, you can’t deny that impeccable hygiene is essential for the room where you store and prepare food.

And when you’re cooking, it may be a bit tiring to wash your hands every two minutes just because you had to touch your trash bin to throw something into it.

Could an automatic trash bin like the Secura Automatic Trash Can solve the issue and make your time in the kitchen more comfortable?

This review will help you decide if it’s worth it.

Secura Automatic Trash Can


This brand is one of the leading companies in North America when it comes to small appliance production. Most of their products are just like this trash bin – easy-to-use, look stylish, are highly practical, and pretty affordable.

If you choose to make your kitchen home to this Secura large automatic trash bin, you’ll soon realize that you should have done so long ago.

It’s a perfect addition for any smart kitchen but also an excellent way to start creating one if you haven’t fallen in love with smart appliances just yet.

Given its elegant and simplistic design, these trash bins can also look great in a modern office and even in your living room.

Key Features

This trash bin comes in two sizes, but the 13-gallon version is more suitable for kitchens, while the smaller one would work well in a bathroom. A bigger bin is necessary if you have a large family – that means a lot of daily waste.

The bin is stainless steel. This material makes it very enduring, so it’s an investment worth every cent. The bag retainer rings are made of the same material, so you don’t need to worry about any part of the bin breaking too soon.

And not only are these rings of high quality, but they also keep the trash bag out of sight and allow you to remove it when it’s full easily.

Stainless steel also requires little maintenance if done regularly, so the Secura automatic trash bins won’t give you headaches when it’s time to clean them. You only need a soft cloth soaked in warm water and a mild dish detergent.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this trash bin is the fact that you can use it hands-free.

No need to touch any buttons or sensors – it’s enough to put your hand (or the waste) close enough to the motion sensor, and the lid will automatically open. It happens immediately, so it’s incredibly convenient and helps you improve the hygiene of your kitchen.

You can customize the sensor to fit your needs entirely by modifying the sensor direction. It can face upward or frontward, and if you press the rotating sensor ball, you can adjust the sensor zone as you like.

Just make sure that the sensor symbol on the ball is set adequately if you want to get better induction.

Since the lid opens and closes automatically, you may be worried that it will hit your hand as you’re throwing the garbage into the bin. But the manufacturer took that into account as well – you’ll see the six indicator lights on the lid switching off counterclockwise one by one. That’s how you’ll know how much time you have.

However, if you keep anything within the sensor range, the lid will stay open until you remove the object in question. You can also close the lid manually by pressing the CLOSE button on the top.

What’s more, the lid opens and closes very softly, so you won’t make any noise and disturb your family. Even if you’re secretly eating sweets at night and trying to get rid of the packaging to remove evidence, you won’t get caught by your kids!

If you’re into eco-friendly appliances and would like to contribute to making the Earth a healthier place, you’ll love the following information.

Secura trash bins contain air purifying bags that remove unpleasant odors, and they’re made with activated bamboo charcoal. It’s a unique, natural formula that eliminates smells coming from the waste and keeps your home fresh at all times.

You can use the same filter for no more than three months. After this period, you need to replace it, but the process is straightforward.

You can use a power outlet to supply your smart trash bin with electricity. All you need to do is plug in the AC adapter, and you’re all set.

If you don’t have enough outlets in the kitchen, you can also use four AA batteries to power the bin. It has a long-lasting battery life, and it’s also very quiet, so you won’t even know it’s on.


  • Durable material and robust construction
  • Motion sensor enables hands-free use
  • The lid is wide-opening
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish design


  • Water may leave stains
  • The lid may stop working correctly after the first batteries run out

Final Verdict

If your wish is to elevate the hygiene level at your office or home, you can’t go wrong with the Secura automatic trash bin. It has many benefits that you can get at an affordable price, and its sturdy construction promises that it’s a good investment.

The built-in motion sensor allows you to use the bin hands-free and adjust its position according to your needs.

Eco-friendly families and companies that want to raise awareness about climate change will find this bin an outstanding contribution to a cleaner planet. Not to mention that it’ll look sleek no matter where you place it.

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