Gesipor Smart Bathroom Mirror Review

Gesipor LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

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One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom vanity section is to get a new smart mirror. With the latest cutting-edge design, a smart mirror will help you create a relaxing and functional space that you’ll enjoy using every single day

Also, intelligent mirrors such as the Gesipor Smart Bathroom Mirror are equipped with features to keep you updated with the outside temperature, time, and many other useful and practical things.

Gesipor Smart Bathroom Mirror

Gesipor LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

If you’re looking for a new mirror for your bathroom, Gesipor’s smart mirror might be just the product for you.

This mirror can fit various bathrooms with its sleek and straightforward design, whether your room features a modern or classic look. It has clean lines and a pre-installed display showing you the time, outdoor temperature and includes a host of useful control buttons.

Smart mirrors can help you immensely with your morning time management. It’s useful to know the time to ensure your face routines don’t take too long.

You can also turn on Bluetooth and connect your phone’s music to the mirror’s surround-sound speakers. But besides music, you’ll also be able to hear any alarm or notification. This is especially handy if you’re in the shower and unable to hear your phone ring.

Even after a long hot shower, the defogging feature on the Gesipor LED Mirror will enable you to see your face and continue with your skincare routines. You won’t lose valuable time with a defogging spray or wiping the mirror multiple times.

In terms of lights and brightness, this smart mirror offers two light modes: 6000K daylight white and 3000K warm white.

Depending on your preferences, you can decide which one better suits your bathroom and change it by simply holding your finger on the mirror button for three seconds.

Plus, the light is dimmable, so even if it seems too bright once you install it, keep in mind that you can change it with a few simple clicks. Tap and hold to change the bright lights and make the atmosphere ideal for the evening when you need extra time for yourself.

As the LED lights have an extra anti-leaking stripe tape, they’ll always perform well.

The mirror comes in a few different designs. You can go for the framed version with a mirrored edge or a plain one, depending on your preferences.

The Gesipor Mirror also comes in many sizes to suit any bathroom space, whether you want to use it horizontally or vertically. Plus, it has a three-year warranty that ensures the product’s durability and quality.

Smart mirrors will be valuable additions to your set of smart devices around the house, but sometimes they turn up to be less smart than you’ve imagined.

In the Gesipor Smart Mirror, its touch buttons can be problematic; if the mirror is wet, they might not always work the way you want them to.

Another issue that you might notice is that the LED lights are not well-distributed around the corners. That’s why the light doesn’t have that high-end vibe you would expect from a smart mirror.

Lastly, the Bluetooth speakers don’t always perform at their best, even if you’ve turned up the volume. The sound quality also depends on the room’s size, the mirror position, and the type of music you’re playing.

In essence, these speakers work well when you’re playing loud music, but if you get a new notification, you might need to check your phone every time you hear something.

Key Features

Gesipor’s LED Smart Mirror comes with many features that make it stand out in the crowd. Not only does it offer a stable Bluetooth connection that lets you play music, but it helps you with answering calls and hearing alarms.

With two light modes that set the mood in your bathroom and a straightforward way to switch them on whenever you want, you’ll enjoy your morning and evening routines more than ever before.

However, to remain fully functional, an anti-fogging button will make sure you can always see your reflection and check the temperature and time with just one look.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Bluetooth connects easy
  • Anti-fogging button


  • Buttons require more pressure
  • Corners are not well lit
  • Low-quality sound

Final Verdict

Since a simple change of mirror can create a different feel in your bathroom, it’s better to get a new one than to renovate the whole bathroom.

Every model comes with various features, but the Gesipor LED Smart Mirror balances well between price and functionality.

It will change your vanity corner and give you a chance to listen to music, receive calls, and customize the light intensity.

Remember, often the smallest change can have the most significant impact, and the Gesipor LED Smart Mirror can elevate your bathroom experience.

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