How much toilet paper?

The simple calculator for how much toilet paper you need

You will last 80 days

or 296% of your quarantine

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Current Value: 60
Current Value: 4 (per person)
Current Value: 5
Current Value: 2
Current Value: 160
Current Value: 3 (does not take into account different amount of use per person)
Current Value: 27

I heard about an online toilet paper calculator that tells you how long your supply will last, so if you think you're bored, imagine being the guy who just created an online toilet paper site
Jimmy Fallon
The tonight Show


Here’s some really good news. For all the people who are stressing about running out of toilet paper, there’s a new online toilet paper calculator that will help people figure out how long your supply will last so that you can stop hoarding, because right now some people have bought so much toilet paper they can probably pass it down in their will!”

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

“I’m being shamed…. Sheets per wipe?! Average Wipes per trip?! I fold over, I don’t like to risk. Please dont eat me! “

“For some reason, this has become a must have… you don’t need to buy it in bulk and this handy tool will tell you how much you really need!”

“This website may solve the war on toilet roll…”

“Sometimes the Internet is an awful place… But other times, we get gems like “How much toilet paper?”

Jason ZookFounder of ‘I Wear Your Shirt’

A Note...

We receive many emails from users all round the world. It has become clear from these emails, and other public reactions in the media, that there is a huge variety of ways toilet paper is used around the world. The calculator developers are based in the UK, where an average sheets per wipe of 2 is considered very normal and acceptable, due to the thicker toilet paper and higher ply. This results in an average roll of around 160 sheets.

However our users in the USA were quick to inform us that their situation is very different. Toilet paper in the USA is far thinner, and often not always double ply. Their rolls are also therefore much larger – with some rolls going up to 1250 sheets.

Therefore we introduced advanced options on the site to allow for exact customization no matter where in the world you live.

A Toilet Paper History

The origins of Toilet Paper can be dated back to 14th Century China, where it was used by the Emperor and his family. The toilet paper sheets had an aroma to them (almost like a perfume) and were always associated with the wealthy classes.

In the 15th Century, paper became easier to produce, but the 19th Century is where it boomed thanks to mass production. A man by the name of Joseph C. Gayetty created the first ever commercial toilet paper – which were not in rolls, but arrived as flat sheets sold in bulk

Ever since the mass commercialisation of toilet paper, new advances came into play such as Walter Alcocks paper, which was perforated. In other parts of the world, St. Andrew’s Paper Mill in the UK developed the first 2 ply toilet paper

Toilet paper has been developing ever since – until the 21st century, where finally people it became a limited necessity due to hoarding across the world.

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